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Who are we? is the real estate leader in the world of buying and selling farmhouses, village houses, country houses,  rural houses, rural hotels and undeveloped properties within the geographical area of ​​Catalonia. 

Our entire team consists of professionals with extensive experience (commercial agents, architect, forester specializing in rustic lawyer, etc) is at your disposal to help you with full guarantee, whether you want to sell, want to buy or rehabilitate a farmhouse or townhouse. 

We have offices in the main Catalan regions, in order to ensure knowledge of the area to guarantee that their interests are protected. 

Among our services include: 

1 Purchase - Sale of farmhouses and village houses. 

2 Rehabilitation farms. 

3 Valuations. 

4. Logging work. 

5 Drilling. 

6 Measurements of farms 

Our main office, located in Diagonal, 474 8th Floor (corner Via Augusta), is at your disposal to visit us when it sees fit. If you wish, you can call us at 93 238 03 28 You can also write to 

Thank you for trusting our team








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