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What are the farmhouses?

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The farmhouses are a type of rural housing that are characterized by being isolated and being in many cases, farms. The farmhouses are very common throughout the territory of the east of the peninsular but especially in Catalonia.

The building materials of the farmhouses have evolved over the centuries and the types of materials depended on the location. Thus, in the mountainous areas, the farmhouses were built with untreated stone. The stones were joined with mud and later the lime was introduced and more recently, the cement.

Normally most farmhouses have the main facade facing south, since it is the best orientation to enjoy the sun, the plant was not taller than 5 meters.

The distribution of this type of housing depended a lot on each case and the needs of the family that lived in them, but the most normal was to leave the lower part for agricultural work and the second floor for the use of daily housing. In some cases there are farmhouses that have a third floor and in these cases it was used as a barn.

The vast majority of farmhouses have been converted into rural houses and private homes. Buscomasia.com has a large selection of farmhouses, rustic farms, hotels, for sale. From small farmhouses for sale with one or two hectares to large pairal farmhouses with many hectares and meters built. If you are interested in buying a farmhouse or rustic farm is in the right place. Our entire team is made up of professionals who will advise you throughout the process. We are experts in the sale of farmhouses and cottages.

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